Thursday, July 9, 2020

Client Testimonial- Hummingbird Window

I received an email from Susan, the client who commissioned me to make her a Hummingbird stained glass  for her transom window.  
Here is what she had to say about the process:

Dear Isaac,

I want to thank you for designing and creating our beautiful hummingbird stained
glass window!  It is so beautiful and light! Your design and choice of colors are
awesome.  This is a lifetime treasure.
Having it over our entryway we see it multiple times a day.  The colors change
depending on the time of day and the beveling of the bird's feathers reflect light
and create movement. They are exquisite!  It was a pleasure working with you! I really appreciated you keeping me in the loop with the progress along the journey. I would highly recommend your creative work to anyone.
Thank you for the joy you have brought to our home.



This was a fun project and a pleasure working with her on this. Thank you Susan for the opportunity.


Monday, June 15, 2020

Installation of Hummingbird Stained Glass

Installation of the Hummingbird panel was a couple days ago on the 12th.  I am very pleased as well as the client with how it turned out.  
The following is before and after pictures of the window as well as a couple of detail images.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Hummingbird Panel Cleaned

I completed cleaning the hummingbird panel.  Here are a few pictures. The next step will be scheduling the installation.

The details show the beveled color pieces.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Spot Solder and Finished Solder

Throughout the fabrication of the Hummingbird stained glass panel I am working on I have been doing a "spot" solder in different sections to hold areas together so I can keep piecing it together.  I am now in the process of doing the "finished" solder and wanted to show the difference.  I am explaining this because in pictures of the process there are images of the "spot" solder and I did not want you to think this was a finished solder joint.

The solder joint circled in yellow is the "spot" solder and the one circled in green is the finished solder joint.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hummingbird Glass Pieced Together

Here is the panel all pieced together. Next is to add the zinc came around the exterior, solder all joints both front and back, putty both front and back and lastly cleaning after setting for a week.  
I will post image of this panel once it is completed.   

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Hummingbird Window Continued Process

I have been having a lot of fun creating different beveled pieces throughout this hummingbird design to give a lot of depth, dimension and movement.  
The following images show before and after beveling a piece as well as how far along I am on the panel.

I even beveled the small eyes of each hummingbird to give more light play and depth instead of a flat piece of glass.
The solder that is on the joints is only a spot solder to hold things together as I progress on the panel.  I will be doing the actual soldering after it is all assembled.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Continued Process of the Hummingbird Window

Here are some more pictures of the fabrication process.  I am beveling different sections of the feathers, wings, and flowers.  This adds quite a bit of depth, dimension and light play which are the subtle things that make my work so different.  Tying this in to my mission:  Nourish Your Soul Through a Symphony of Light and Colour!  These details of beveling, different textures, design, all play into fulfilling my mission.  The way the glass plays with the light, the bevels that are accented in different ways creates movement, surprises the viewer with the visual stimuli; all coming together to nourish your soul. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Hummingbird Octagon Window for Entryway

I have been working on an Octagon window for an entryway.  The client wanted a male and female Anna's Hummingbird and a couple of different flowers that are in her garden.
I am using a lot of blown glass and hand beveling quite a few pieces of glass to add dimension and light play.  Here is the existing window and the stained glass will be installed up against it.

Here are different images of the design in process as well as different stages of the fabrication.

I will be showing more images as it develops.


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Seeing Color/Shapes When Listening to Music- Synesthesia

One big thing that influences my artwork is the ability to see colors and shapes when I listen to music.  It also evokes emotions that also tie into the colors.  I have always had this ability so I did not think that it was not everyone's experience until last year. 

When driving with my family, one of my sons likes to listen to pop music and change stations all the time.  At times I tell him to wait, other times when certain music comes on that would make me feel suffocated and seeing twisting dark colors, I would either change the music or turn it off.  This left my family feeling frustrated and feeling like I do not approve of their music.  My wife and I had this conversation one day because she wanted to understand why and also because my son felt insecure around asking to listen to music in the vehicle.  
I started explaining how music creates color images and different shapes and depending on the music it can be very distracting while driving.  I realized that not everyone has this, I had never vocalized it before nor had I really thought about it, "it" was just...reality for me.     

Some music is fairly neutral and I can listen while driving.  Others create a range of colors, shapes, emotion that I am unable to listen due to the distraction.  Percussion instruments create so much sensation and color that I had to stop listening while driving. There was a movie quite a few years ago called King of the Hill which has electronic and percussion instruments as well as piano soundtrack.  It produces some brilliant, vibrant color and shapes for me.  Not only do I "see" color, I see images that are similar to light refracting, shimmering which becomes part of my inspiration in the glass work and creating the bevels. 

Now that I am more aware of what is going on I have been working on a couple of ideas for paintings to show this more directly.  It has always been a part of the paintings and glass but I want to work on specific designs that I have been seeing and colors associated.  I look forward to sharing with you as they progress.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Why Nourish Your Soul?

As I have been weak and in pain from the Shingles I thought I would share a few thoughts as to the mission I have to Nourish Your Soul Through a Symphony of Light and Colour!

I love how glass and painting can transform a space or at the least subtly tie into it so that it feels pleasing, stirring, touches the soul, nourishes you.  Watching someone's reaction after I have installed my artwork into their home and hear them say how it touches them, moves them,  is very rewarding!  I heard from a client I had from 19 yrs prior who told me they still love to just sit and look at the artwork I had created for their home.  
What I create, either in glass or painting, is not about me, it is not about who I am or what I am feeling, or any of the typical stuff that is in artist statements.  It is so much more than that.  

Over the years people have asked what is my art about, what is my style, what do I paint? I had a difficult time answering because I intuitively felt what it was all about but could not really describe it.  I would see the responses from clients after installation and looking back I can say that they were having responses from their soul, from some spiritual connection.  I was unable to really put it all together in my head.  

Before I could understand fully my mission I had to understand what my purpose is.  In order to do that I had to do some reflecting on 3 emotionally painful moments in my life and 3 emotionally joyful moments in my life.  I ended up doing this through a course taught by Ann Rea.  In doing this process I found a huge thread throughout my life that was connected from childhood.  I found that the painful moments in my life were about not being accepted for who I am, rejected at times, told I was wrong in what I thought or believed (I grew up religious and at times what I thought/believed conflicted with what was taught and if I vocalized it I was condemned or told I was wrong).  The joyful moments were times when I was doing something that fed or nourished my soul such as painting, bicycle ride, having sex, staring at a stained glass window, sitting by the ocean, listening to symphonic music (Beethoven specifically for me).  These are more examples than what I did in the month long reflection but they came to mind later.  

In tying the painful and joyful moments together briefly I saw that I am to accept who I am and nourish or feed my soul.  If I did not then I would continually be in pain, feel rejected, feel empty.  I am not the only one, many people need to nourish their soul, do things that make them whole.  So, what can I offer through my art?  I offer to Nourish Your Soul Through a Symphony of Light and Colour!

Why the word "symphony"?  A couple of reasons.  A symphony unifies many different instruments that have different parts to play.  There is depth, movement, dynamism. I do the same with both glass and painting.  I combine different types of glass, color, texture, beveling technique, elements of the client's home/office to create depth, movement, dynamism that ultimately provides the client nourishment for who they are, what they enjoy, for their soul.
Secondly, the Viola has a sound that reaches into and moves throughout my spirit.  I played the Viola in middle school through a couple of years in college and was mediocre at best.  I am ok with that, painting and creating in glass are more of what I am drawn to. Give me record or CD with a Viola sonata to listen to and I am in heaven!
Lastly, I enjoy being with others in a symphony listening.  Many are there for the same reasons, I believe that it is ultimately to feed and nourish their soul. 

So, basically, this is what my art is about.  There are other details that I could go into but not at this time.  If you want to know more feel free to ask.  
I look forward to having the opportunity to Nourish Your Soul Through a Symphony of Light and Colour! 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Layed Up With Shingles

The last week or so I have been layed up with shingles.  I contemplated sharing this but this is my blog and this is what is happening currently.  
Shingles turns out to be more dangerous than I thought.  I had started out feeling sharp pain in the back left of my head and it spread along side to the forehead.  Left side was tender.  I tried knocking out the constant pain, which fluctuated from a dull roar to very sharp stabbing around the head and left eye, with acetaminophen and ibuprofen which did nothing (I found out later that this is nerve pain which is not affected by those meds).

The pain started increasing around the left eye and noticed redness in the eye. 
The pain increased and rashes started appearing around the upper portion of eye lid and eyebrow.  When they spread to the forehead I figured it was shingles and went to doctor who confirmed.  I was sent to the ophthalmologist who thankfully indicated that the interior of the eyes were clear and nerves untouched.  Exterior was a different story, lots of pain and throbbing.  
I found out that shingles can cause blindness and as I heard stories from other people there are a whole host of damage that can be done. 
The rashes spread to my nose and up the scalp to the back of my head.  My eye swelled up and could not open it for 2 days with secretion that dried between eyelids.  
I have had a whole range of pain from constant bearable pain even after meds to feeling like sharp electrons spinning around my brain with severe pain that would last about an hour.
The crazy thing is, I was going to get vaccinated for this in April!  

I am feeling much better today, actually able to focus on something. Swelling is still there around inner eye and nose, rashes are beginning to heal.  Still having pain but not as severe.

Timeline from the first pain in head is now 9 days.  

Here are a couple of pics of the progression: The first shows the very beginning of the eye swelling and closing, it got worse over the next couple of days.

 I share this because for those who are over 50 and had chicken pox and have not had vaccine for shingles please go get vaccinated.  It is not worth the pain and potential permanent damage.  

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Complexities of the Heart

A couple of weeks ago I completed a painting I had been working on and thought it was interesting timing with Valentines Day coming up.  I had not planned this to be for Valentines Day.  
Since I have been dealing with a lot of emotional issues I had been drawing some designs pertaining to the heart and the complexities dealing with emotions, life issues, relationships, etc.  
I then started drawing the design on canvas and began painting. I enjoy the flow and movement.

For me this represents how emotions are not straight forward and different desires,feelings, beliefs are all twisted together and sometimes what one believes may not be correct or they affect how one interacts with people.  I hurt my wife emotionally early in our marriage and am just now able to look back and see how I did not realize what was really happening internally for me and how my beliefs affected all that.  

Monday, February 10, 2020

Personal Growth

I have been going through a period of introspection and growth.  I keep going through a cycle that has been harmful to my marriage and other relationships and came across a book titled "No More Mister Nice Guy".  Basically it looks at the characteristics of nice guys and how the patterns are hurtful to himself as well as relationships around him.  I have been amazed at how this fits me and have been working on a few things that have been helping heal my relationship with my wife as well as heal myself.  
I will be showing some artwork in process but I have been needing to take a break and work on healing.  
Thank you for following me and I will be posting artwork again soon.

Isaac D Smith

Monday, November 25, 2019


I have been drawing all or portions of hands lately whenever I am sitting, waiting for an appointment.  I started looking through paintings and seeing different hands that I have painted and below are a couple of details .  I enjoy drawing and painting hands because they are expressive and complex.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Repair or Create New Panel?

I was presented with 2 stained glass panels that had multiple broken glass sections and the came was bowing and coming apart.  I discussed with the client what it would cost to repair the panels vs what the cost was to start over and use a couple of pieces of glass that were not broken.  The new panels will be stable and will not bow as the old ones have and they can have piece of mind that they will not fall apart on them.  

The bottom two images show the process of creating new panels. I am also using a restoration clear glass which has a slight wave in the glass which will match the original glass that is throughout this turn of the century house.