Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Create a Spectacular Entryway, Part 3

In this last part about stained glass in your entryway a big thing to look for is the details.
Does the design complement the surroundings, does it flow nicely with the space?  What type of glass is needed for privacy yet still allow light into the space?  How will the solder joints look?   

These and other details I am constantly thinking of.  I also create hand beveled glass to add into the designs.  This adds more light play to the window.  To add another step I think about the width of the bevel to add more depth movement to the design (see below pic).

When you click on this image it should enlarge so you can see the solder details which are smooth and not small clumps.  

You should want something that plays with and manipulates the light which adds interest to the space.   

Adding stained glass to your entryway and other areas in your home will create a Spectacular space which you will enjoy for many years to come!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stained Glass in Entryways

The first two images show before and after shots of the sidelight windows.  The client wanted the sidelights to have glasswork that ties into the door design.  I split the design in half and incorporated them into the sidelights.  The colors tie into the wood toned that were inside the home.  

 The next image is of an entryway with a design running from one sidelight to the other.  This made for an elegant entryway.  

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wheat Fields and the Palouse Inspired Design

I was responding to how I was feeling of the wheat fields and the Palouse when I created this piece.  We lived in Spokane, WA for a few years and the rolling Palouse was very beautiful.  
Blown glass as well as textured clear and colored glass were used along with hand beveled and bonded glass.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to Create a Spectacular Entryway! Part 2

In the previous post I showed an example of sidelight windows that are in a lot of residential entry ways.  Here is an image of another with sidelight and transom.

All of these entrances are nice, have a lot of light coming in.  But what can be done to create something Spectacular?

This makes a huge difference in the entryway!  It gives privacy yet still allowing light in the space.  It ties into the angles of the staircase  inside and hand rails outside.  It changes as the light outside changes and when the sun shines in it creates textures and colors on the adjoining walls.

Here is the before and after images of the sidelights I showed in the previous post:

Here are other entrances that have had a dramatic improvements.  With each of these there is a wonderful sense of light play, elements that tie into the surrounding space and when needed, privacy without compromising the amount of light entering the space.  In the next and last part I will explain details to look for when designing for your entryway.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Create a Spectacular Entry Way! Part 1

Many homes and office spaces have entry ways that have sidelight windows and or transom windows.  These are great windows to have because of the light they bring in. They make the entry look nice and welcoming.  

In some occasions some privacy is needed due to people able to peer right into your home.  Blinds and other window coverings typically have to be custom made to fit most sizes of these types of windows, plus they obscure the much needed and wanted light.

This is one type of sidelight that is common.  Others include glass without the vinyl grid between the glass, as well as a transom above the door.

In office spaces and businesses there are varying entry ways with side lights and transom windows.  There are different ways that can enhance and really create a welcoming entry for both offices/businesses and residential space.  

In the next post I will show examples of what can be done to create a Spectacular entry way!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Unique and Elegant Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching!  Different glass gifts would make for elegant and unique gift ideas:
Window hanging pieces:

Room Dividers:

Oil Paintings:

Combination Oil and Glass:

Contact me at for dimensions and pricing.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Amazing Response to Stained Glass installation

In February of this year I installed a bathroom window which I posted about, showing before and after pics.  Following is the completed window:

After a couple of months living with the window they sent me an email with this response:

Hi Isaac,
    We are absolutely loving our glass!! You captured our style and the uniqueness that we were hoping for. Your professional manner & talent are amazing. I will refer anyone interested your way.
Thank you again for such beautiful work.
    Bob & Terreca Endresen

I am very pleased that they are enjoying the piece!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to Increase Light Play in Your Transom Window

A lot of homes have a transom window or windows and they seem too high for shades or too high to look out and enjoy the view.  Some look straight to a neighbor's house or through their window.  There is a great solution to providing privacy if needed and also a way to increase light play and have glass textures and colors dance around the house:  Architectural Stained Glass.

The above image shows a transom window that is on the second floor of an entryway and from different angles one can see different neighbors. 

This is after installing a stained glass window which I designed and built.  This adds so much more light play, playing with background colors, bending the light differently to create a lot more interest in the space. 

Here is an image of the window from the exterior.  Fun to see it lit up from the interior.

Detail of the bevels which were hand made with color pieces beveled and bonded on top of the clear bevel. 

I can be reached at or 509-280-6344 to discuss with you different options for your home or office.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Design Inspiration for Your Bathroom Window

The following example can be applied to any window in your home, in this case I am showing designs from the last project I did which was a bathroom window. 

When I first saw the space and spoke with the client, we spoke of the different elements within the space such as the circles and other elements in the tile work, I noticed how she decorated the space with bamboo, I also was looking beyond the window to what was outside.  She discussed how she wanted some privacy because of a house with a window that the occupant could possibly see in.  She also did not want to obscure all areas of the window so she could see the trees and other natural things beyond the window.

I listened to what her concerns were and she was open to different design concepts. 
In looking at the space I wanted to tie in the natural components of the trees/bamboo leaves and the way they flowed and to also tie in the circular elements of the tile work. 

I presented a couple of designs:
Both designs had a nice flow and I used the "branch" lines to help incorporate the circular elements within the bathroom.  She loved both designs and leaned more toward the left design.  We discussed different types of glass, where to give privacy and where to allow her to view the trees outside.  The final result turned out wonderful!  She loves the piece and it has added a lovely piece of art as well as being  functional in the sense that it gives privacy yet still adds light to the space.

I incorporated a lot of beveled glass to manipulate the light and add more definition and depth to the piece. 

This was a challenging project and resulted in a fun and elegant piece!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bathroom Window Completed!

I installed the bathroom window last week.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out.  It ties into the space very nicely.

 Top image is the before shot, next one is after install.

I look forward to getting pics of it when the sun shines through it, casting colors and textures around the space.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bathroom window continued

The following pictures is of the art glass panel pieced together and details of some of the hand beveled glass.  The next steps are to solder all the joints then cut the colored glass, and putty. Keep in mind that the look of this will be very different when it is in the actual space with natural light. 

The next few images show the colored glass cut for the center of the clear bevels, closer look at the colors, and the last image shows the beveling that will take place for all the colored pieces.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bathroom Window

I am currently working on a glass panel to go into a bathroom window.  
This is the window in front of a bathtub.

Off to the left through the window a neighbor can see into this space.  The client wants privacy and also to be able to still enjoy seeing the trees in the upper areas of the panel. 

The dimensions are about 46 inches tall by 22 inches wide.  

The following pics show the design drawn out and glass being cut for beveling.  The second pic shows beveling in progress.

The long beveled glass in the last pic is almost 22 inches long.  Some of the sections of glass to be cut in the design showing in the middle pic are going to be very difficult to cut.  I guess I wanted to challenge myself with this project.