Sunday, September 23, 2018

Transom Stained Glass Window Enlivens Entry Way!

A few months ago I had installed a transom window into a client's home.  They loved the window, how the bevels really captured the light, how it flowed nicely in the space. This is the panel which I had shared in an earlier post.

A couple of weeks ago I received this email from them:

"Regarding our transom window that you created for us:

We love our transom window (as do our neighbors!). We continue to see 
more and more 'movement' in the glass depending on the time of day as 
the light is changing from summer to fall. We are so pleased with the 
beauty it has brought to our home.  It has enlivened a former neutral 
space. We enjoy looking at it everyday!

Hope you are doing well,
Val Hambley and Kenn Wong"

I am so pleased that they are seeing something new in it as the seasons change. That is 
one things that I plan on when designing for a space and types of glass to use.
I hope this inspires you as to what you can do for your home and office.  

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