Friday, September 7, 2018

Standard Glass Bevel compared to an Isaac Smith Bevel

I would like to explain a bit more about standard bevels and the bevels that I have been producing in my artwork.  
The following is a pic of a design that I am working on.  In the image on the left I drew out the bevels using  3/8 inch width . As the image shows the width is the same all around the shape on all bevels.  The design on the right shows the width of the bevels changing.  The left design looks nice but is flat as a whole.  I found that by changing the width there is much more depth and movement throughout the piece.  

The following 2 images shows a standard bevel where the width is the same all around the shape and a bevel that I am working on for this design which shows the width widens or narrows in different areas around the shape.

This is one thing that distinguishes my work from other glass artist's work.  I have created more depth, movement and light play throughout my designs which in turn adds so much more to a piece of art for your home. 

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