Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music Series- Violist

The second musical painting is titled Violist.
I grew up playing the viola and I love the sound of it more than a violin. It is richer in tone, mellow, it is the alto for those who are singers.  This piece has more sophistication and detail than the cellist.  The colors are vibrant and really represent the sound of this instrument to me as well as the emotion from the performer.  This became a self portrait as I studied myself in the mirror to get details of the face.  I also enjoy the hand and scroll of the viola coming forward towards the viewer.  The music weaving in and out is like  muscle, ligaments of the body.  A friend of mine purchased this painting and loves to just sit and soak in the movement, color and texture (that is one thing missing in photos of paintings- the texture).  Whenever we go to his house I have to view this piece for a little while.  It is a fun painting.

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