Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to Create a Spectacular Entryway! Part 2

In the previous post I showed an example of sidelight windows that are in a lot of residential entry ways.  Here is an image of another with sidelight and transom.

All of these entrances are nice, have a lot of light coming in.  But what can be done to create something Spectacular?

This makes a huge difference in the entryway!  It gives privacy yet still allowing light in the space.  It ties into the angles of the staircase  inside and hand rails outside.  It changes as the light outside changes and when the sun shines in it creates textures and colors on the adjoining walls.

Here is the before and after images of the sidelights I showed in the previous post:

Here are other entrances that have had a dramatic improvements.  With each of these there is a wonderful sense of light play, elements that tie into the surrounding space and when needed, privacy without compromising the amount of light entering the space.  In the next and last part I will explain details to look for when designing for your entryway.

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