Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Create a Spectacular Entry Way! Part 1

Many homes and office spaces have entry ways that have sidelight windows and or transom windows.  These are great windows to have because of the light they bring in. They make the entry look nice and welcoming.  

In some occasions some privacy is needed due to people able to peer right into your home.  Blinds and other window coverings typically have to be custom made to fit most sizes of these types of windows, plus they obscure the much needed and wanted light.

This is one type of sidelight that is common.  Others include glass without the vinyl grid between the glass, as well as a transom above the door.

In office spaces and businesses there are varying entry ways with side lights and transom windows.  There are different ways that can enhance and really create a welcoming entry for both offices/businesses and residential space.  

In the next post I will show examples of what can be done to create a Spectacular entry way!

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