Monday, July 30, 2012


The last month has been very busy as I have been packing up the house and get our belongings to the western side of Washington.  I will be joining my wife and son probably in a couple of months after we find a house and get them settled in.  It has been very busy and exhausting.  I wish I could just move over and be with them as I miss them very much but need to remain here for a little longer.  I hope that my art will sell over there and I will have a successful business.  It has been a long struggle on the eastern side of the state, I am very grateful for the clients that I have had and have enjoyed meeting the people that I have met, but it has not been enough to sustain a business which has been very discouraging.  Looking forward to better things.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My first stained glass window design

Recently we visited my parents in Anchorage, Alaska and I took pictures of their entry way which was my first stained glass design.  I designed, fabricated and installed it in 1991. I enjoy the design with the diagonals creating a foreground.  If you notice in the second picture the top diagonal in the ceiling is pretty much the same angle as in the windows and it moves down to the top diagonal line in the door window.  I intentionally created the diagonals to tie in with the diagonal in the living room.  It was a fun piece.