Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stained glass trifold room dividers

The following are room dividers that I have for sale.  I enjoyed making three panel divider with designs flowing through the three panels.  A friend of mine made the wood frames.
The first two pictures bring out the image differently.  I originally had the glass in the first wood frame but changed it to the white oak frame in the second image.   Hand beveled glass with color pieces beveled and bonded on top.  I enjoy the flow of the design.
 Measures 6 ft tall and each panel is 18" wide.
This one stands 5 ft tall and each panel is 18" wide.  Ash wood frame.  Both dividers have double joint hinges so they can be folded/unfolded in different ways.  I love how the different textures of glass pick up the colors and light/shadows from the background.

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