Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I Create Art

I along with many artists will tell you that a reason they create art is that it is innate, it is inside and must come out.  I have a desire to paint these images that I get in my mind, sometimes it is only a feeling but I have to get it out onto the canvas or in glass.  When I do not paint for awhile or create a glass piece for a time I feel bloated emotionally and I even feel physical pain, agitated, moody, angry. I create art to add beauty, joy, peace and happiness to this life.
When creating a glass piece for a client I enjoy the process of explaining a design, how different glass textures will interact with each other and the surroundings and how they play with light.  The process of fabricating the piece is work, but good work. Cutting, beveling one piece at a time, knowing what the whole will look like excites me. Throughout the process I am somewhat anxious because if a piece breaks it can mean a whole lot of work depending on where in the process I am at. When the piece is complete and sitting in my shop I can only admire a portion of its beauty because it is not yet in the place for which it was made.  Once it sits in the space in which it was intended, do I fully appreciate the design and how it ties in with the surrounding space.  My heart races seeing it in the space.  I am full of joy, peace at that moment.  I feel a larger satisfaction when the client sees the piece and their countenance changes to joy, amazement, delight, peace.  Creating something that enhances a space, that creates happiness for someone, this is why I create art. 
The creations I make in both glass and painting are personal but the paintings are more so.  I do not create a painting to someones exact specifications.  I paint what is inside and is needing to come out.  Presenting these works can be scary but it has been rewarding to hear the comments from people who stand there staring at them and keep coming back to see them. 

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  1. I enjoy creating. When I am not creating... drawing or painting, I am grumpy and irritable. Even this weekend, I am holding a paint brush - to paint my house. I love my work and would not be satisfied doing anything else.

    Laura Goff Parham
    State of the Art,Inc Stained Glass Studio