Monday, May 2, 2016

Stained Glass and Oil Painting combination, an experiment part 2

 The basic design was drawn out in ink and shown on the previous post.  I really enjoy the sound of ocean waves.  I wanted to capture the wave in motion and have fun with painting and glass together as I work in both mediums.  I like the idea of the glass flowing off of the canvas.

The first image is of the design drawn on the canvas and tracing paper around the canvas.
 The second image shows the painting started and the shapes for the glass pieces cut out of the tracing paper and taped together.  I then took the tracing paper cutouts and drew them on a large sheet of butcher paper for the glass sections.
 The image below shows the painting portions of the piece completed.
 The glass pieces starting to be pieced together.
This has been a challenge lining up the glass sections to fit between the painted sections.  It is coming together.  After completing the glass section the next issue will be how to secure the glass piece onto the canvas.  I have a rough idea at this point.

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