Friday, March 7, 2014

Artist Statement

The following is my artist statement for the art show I have coming up in April.  I wanted to focus more on what my art does and can do for the observer/client. 


I love creating in glass and oils!  The different textures and colors of glass and how light dances within the glass are all things I enjoy about the medium.  With oils I enjoy the vivid colors, plasticity and smoothness of the paint.  These two mediums have been the most satisfying for me to express myself. I am always learning new ways to be innovative in these media.

In both mediums, my design work is fluid whether it is a geometric design or free form.  I create asymmetrical designs which add more interest.  Inspiration for my work comes from nature, architecture, the feeling of something whether it is the sound of an instrument, an emotion or season.

Along with my designs another unique feature of my work is the way that I bevel glass.  Instead of keeping the bevel the same width around the shape I change the width to create more depth and movement.  Incorporating these bevels increases light play and interest to each project. 

One of several reasons I create is because of the joy my work brings to those whose homes they go in.  One client told me that after experiencing 18 years of my glasswork in their home, they expressed how much they love the work and how it improved the ambiance of their home. 

I enjoy making something that impacts people’s lives in a positive way.  I look forward for the opportunity to make an impact in your environment whether home, office or other space.  Please call 509-280-6344 to schedule a consultation.

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