Friday, May 3, 2013

Two pane slider window, leaded glass design

This client has a two pane window that slides across each other.  The design needed to work as the windows are side by side and when one slides in front of the other. The drawings show both side by side and overlapping.  I do not have a pic of the actual window overlapping.  I enjoyed doing this piece.

overlapping design


  1. That's a beautiful design, Isaac! I saw your other window designs, and they are all great too! I love the emotions you bring into your artwork; they create soulful character in every piece.

    Herb Koguchi

  2. I agree with you, Herb! Isaac, you're one talented glass artist! A plain simple glass is just too plain to appeal isn't it? There must be some decorative treats like stain on it or fancy drapes hovering around it. =)
    Roxie Tenner @

  3. You're a good artist, Isaac! The window itself is a great home ornament, but its charm doubled when enhanced with treatment like curtains or picture paint like yours.
    ( Joann Winton @ )