Thursday, May 27, 2010

River/ Water as inspiration

 The flow of water has been an inspiration in my glass work for quite a while.
I enjoy the movement between one sidelight and the other. The movement of water and how it appears to be in segments as it flows over/ around rocks/obstacles or is being blown by the wind really inspires my work in glass to create the same fluidity.  This is always changing and moving as does a body of water. 
Hand beveled glass throughout this piece ads some nice light play. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

River as inspiration

This painting is titled Flowing
I had been inspired by the flow of a river which also comes up in my stained glass work.  I had two canvases stretched and I thought it would be fun to have one flow into the other and not side by side.  This really ties into the stained glass work I have been doing only in lots of color. I love the movement and color of this piece.  Lft panel measures 48"x32", rt measures 42" x 28".

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bedroom Windows

There is a blank wall and a bed between these two windows and so the lines move and look better with the distance between the two.  This provided privacy for the clients and still had light coming in.  Hand beveled glass throughout the design.  I enjoy the organic movement of the design.
This angle shows the textures of the glass on the wall when the sun is shining through it.  With the mirror close to the window these textures and colors bounce around the room in surprising places. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trees in painting and glass, cont.

Going through glass images I found another variation of the tree theme.
This is in a clients family room above two large windows.  I wanted to tie in to the trees outside so I drew this playful tree form, taking into consideration the flow of the room. Hand beveled glass throughout the piece.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trees in painting and glass

The second tree in this particular series after Autumn Tree is Winter Tree. I actually painted this one before the Autumn Tree.  Dimensions: 50 1/2" x 30 1/2"
I wanted to capture some of the dark and harshness of winter and it's beauty.  There is a nice feel of winter calmness in the tree and white ground along with it's harshness with the darker blues and flowing movement in the background.  The tree is surviving even with the cold all around.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Trees in painting and glass

Looking at the picture in the last post and seeing different paintings I've done I realize I love trees.  Another series I did was of a tree in the fall and winter.
This is titled Autumn Tree and measures 49 1/2" x 28 3/4".  I wanted to capture the life still in the tree and the leaves falling and still hanging in there.  The blues to capture the fall sky.  I enjoy the line and grace of this tree with the flow of the background.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Enhance your dining area

Do you have a dining room window that needs a little something other than blinds to cover it up? Are you looking at neighbors while you eat? How about at the side of a wall or mound?  Even if you have a beautiful view to look at you can still add an artistic touch by adding a leaded glass window with a design that compliments that view without obstructing it.  The following image is in our dining room and we needed privacy from our neighbors but wanted the light coming in.  We love plants and I created a design that would compliment our joy of plants and trees. 
When looking at the room and window we felt that the design should flow to the right.  The measurement of this window is 49 1/2" x 49 1/2".  I enjoy the changing light and how the glass moves and changes color with the seasons and differing light throughout the day.  It is a very relaxing spot to sit and look at the window. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A client had a window in front of a bath tub and wanted light coming in yet have privacy from the neighbors. Since the window is next to the tub I thought a  design of water flowing into it would be fun.  I showed glass samples of different clear textured glass to give privacy yet have light coming in to the client and they chose the one in the photo.  Hand beveled clear glass and colored beveled glass was used throughout the piece along with blown colored glass.  The result is a design that flows and the bevels add depth and movement. 
The clear textured glass is shifted to allow the texture to move and change as water moves and shifts depending on what it is flowing over.  The size of this piece is 57"x57".  Detail of the bevels can be seen on the post on hand beveling.  This was fun solution to the client's problem and added art to the space.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Music Series- Pianist

The third and final painting in this series is titled Pianist.
I wanted to capture more movement in this piece with multiple hands moving from one position to the next.  The colors are what I was seeing when listening to particular piano sonatas.  I am not sure where the blue colors came from but I really like them and it works.  I listened to a blues piece after this painting was completed and it tied together well.  I enjoy this piece a lot.  I can stare at it for a long time and keep coming back.