Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Light Play

Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska one is very aware of light, how much or little there is.  I always kept track of how many minutes of light was gained or lost.  I always enjoyed the long days of summer, the long shadows, the long sunsets.  I would sit by the ocean and watch the sun set behind Mt Susitna and watch the orange glow move across the horizon as the sun came up a few short hours later.  Winter time was the opposite, but it was not pitch black as in some places like Seattle.  The snow reflected light which made it more bearable.
I believe the amount of light throughout the years had an influence on my art vision.  When I create glass windows I use textured clear glass as a way to give privacy but allow light in to a space.  It also plays with whatever diminished light there is and with colors that are around.  In painting I am constantly aware of light and dark to create depths and movement.  In both glass and painting I think about how to play with light. 

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